Author Topic: Congrats! WHFB Tournament 3/10/2012  (Read 1265 times)


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Congrats! WHFB Tournament 3/10/2012
« on: Mar 16, 2012 01:44AM »

Congratulations from the staff of TBS to the winners of the Unplugged Gamers WHFB Tournament held on 3/10/2012!

The very well organized tournament was nothing short of epic in scale.  Support for the game was tremendous and it was refreshing to see such a strong following.  The armies looked fantastic and proved once again that nothing looks as impressive on the tabletop as the rank and file troops of WHFB.

Congratulations to the winners:
1st Overall – Matt Cassidy (Demons)
2nd Overall – Cory Walizer (Beastmen)
3rd Overall – Noah Nathanson (Beastmen)
Judges Choice – Nick T. (Vampire Counts)
Players Choice – Greg Person (Beastmen)
Favorite Opponent – Mike Tiskus (Vampire Counts)

Thanks again to the guys at Unplugged Gamers for their flawless execution of the event and we hope you consider our venue for future tournaments.

:trollbloods: Borka's Kegslayers
:wmmercs: Grundback's Grunts
:mercs: Hoffman's Heroes
:ork: Urgot 'Eadbaggah's 'Ead 'Unterz
:maw: Clan of Olag Foestomper
:chaos: The Felled Angels
:aquila: Merc Redreign's Cipher Company 000 "The Nobodies"


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Congrats WHFB Tournament 3/10/2012
« Reply #1 on: Dec 11, 2014 10:48PM »


Standard Format

Saturday, April 14th

11:00 AM Start Time

5 Entry Fee for Prizes.

Additional Prizes if more than 15 players

See you there