Author Topic: General Table and Terrain Guidelines- PLEASE READ  (Read 1365 times)


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General Table and Terrain Guidelines- PLEASE READ
« on: Feb 16, 2012 01:20PM »

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to reiterate some basics when it comes to use of terrain.

As an example, many of you may have seen the large amount of work that has gone into the Khador Abandoned Rail Depot board... this board probably represents a total of 50 hours of work, and several hundred dollars worth of materials. No small investment in time and cashola.

Some general notes when using terrain.

1. Please treat the tables and terrain with the utmost respect. We all enjoy a gorgeous table for our gaming. Nothing looks as good as some seriously killer minis on some seriously killer tables. In order for us to make everyone's experience as killer as possible, we need to ensure that the terrain lasts.

2. Don't place items on the tables. Well.. except minis, dice, and maybe rulers of course. Rulebooks, carrying cases, tasty beverages, old wrappers, shoes, circus animals... we all love 'em.. but they are DEATH to terrain! The Battle Standard had the ingenious idea of using car bottle holders mounted on the tables... let them fulfill their destinies!! Also, don't place carrying cases on the terrain shelves under the tables... there's likely to be terrain under there that'll squish like expensive raspberries.

3. Return terrain to where you found it. On each table you'll find a picture of the general setting for the table. Please do your best to leave the table as shown. This really helps to keep track of all the terrain. Any terrain you use that isn't part of that should be returned to the shelves. Terrain ain't cheap... if he lose it or it gets damaged, it take time and $$ to replace it that will take away from time the terrain crew can be spending on bringing new and exciting pieces to the store to make dynamic new gaming experiences for the gamers!

4. If terrain gets damaged, let staff know. We all realize that nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky (those of you getting this reference will be deemed old like me). Dings and dents happen. Paint chips. Its part of life. When this happens tell a staffer so we know that it needs a touch up.

5. Keep an eye out. That vast majority of gamers at The Battle Standard all treat the tables with the respect and care they deserve... a good group of people. If you see someone treating the terrain harshly, just a polite reminder to them will go a long way. If its something really egregious, let a staffer know. Remember, people that mash up terrain ruin it for everyone.

6. Have fun! We're all gaming for the fun of it. Enjoy the terrain!!! That's what its there for!

Thanks everybody!


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Re: General Table and Terrain Guidelines- PLEASE READ
« Reply #1 on: Feb 16, 2012 01:52PM »


This is everything I have felt and thought and often times said out loud to others.

Thanks Jay!!!
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