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Due to illness, I had to cancel the March 29th Demonstration Event.  I felt really bad doing so because there was a group of five people that had signed up to attend.  I kept in contact with that group and managed to coordinate a "make up" session yesterday.

Three cheers to George, Tina, Eric, Josh, Aaron, and Bob making the trip down from Massachusetts to The Battle Standard (Manchester) in order to participate in a six-player game of "Shadows of Brimstone."

For those unaware, "Shadows of Brimstone" is a Flying Frog Production game that some like to describe as, "mostly board game, with some wargaming elements, and just a hit of roleplaying."  There is too much tactical play to categorize it only as "board game" and yet, too many board game elements to call it "wargaming."  And then there are the "roleplay" elements, which is mostly the ability to alter your character over time during additional adventures.

My apologies for not taking copious notes (and forgetting my camera), but having six players at the table typically means the action is always moving in a game like Brimstone.  This group had one game under their belts which meant that I didn't need to slow things down too much or explain every single rule along the way.  In fairness, their experience was limited to a self-professed, "one game, late at night, and attempting to decipher the rules while playing."  I wouldn't say, "I had my work cut out for me," but instead choose to see it as, "Offering a helpful play-through opportunity with real work examples, instead of relying on rulebook alone."

Yesterday's party consisted of:
BANDIDO (George)

The adventure began with a our heroes slowly descending into the mine entrance.  The party was fortunate enough to avoid any attacks as they made their way into the second chamber.  While not being attacked, they also didn't make any major "scavenging" finds either.
As they continued deeper, they had to deal with a "small" ambush attack (3 Hellbats, 5 Tentacles, 4 Hungry Dead, and a corpse pile).  They quickly started to coordinate themselves and take advantage of their initiative orders, making relatively quick work of the threat.
After gathering their loot and healing their wounds, the posse made their way into the final battle.
As can sometime happen in Brimstone, the "Epic" threat they were forced to deal with was not a single creature, but a massive horde of mixed enemies.  In this case, there were 3 corpse piles, 10 Hungry Dead, 2 Slashers, and 3 Hellbats!  If that wasn't bad enough, each of those enemies also appeared to have some "Elite" abilities, as well.
Depending on the luck of the dice rolling, this could have been bad.....
Fortunately, luck and skill were on their side!  Much needed lucky dice rolls, along with decent weapons and gear discovered along the way, allowed our heroes to put down the threat without anyone getting knocked unconscious in the process.

Once the posse made their way out of the mine and into the bright sunny day, they set off toward town.  As luck would have it....  Did I say, "Luck?"  I meant the opposite of that.  They had to fight off some bandits and avoid an ambush along the way, but they proved resourceful enough to finally make it to town.  They spent the next "four days" in town selling their new found treasures, trying their luck at the local saloon, and equipping themselves for their next adventure..... as well as managing to avoid the deranged blacksmith on a murder spree!

As previously mentioned, the "roleplay" aspect of Brimstone is something that adds a hint of "flavor" to the game.  It allows players to build experience and develop skills for their character, but avoids bogging itself down with an in-depth, true RPG experience.  This allows players to take as much or as little interest as they wish in the game: having a character with growing abilities, taking that character in the next adventure, or just picking up a fresh character with whatever group of friends you choose to play with next.

While actual "death" in the game is a rarity, it is still a possibility.  Injuries, Madness, and Mutations can occur.  (Being a demo, we didn't really get into THAT, but it happens.) 

I hope you have enjoyed this summary and I further hope you consider taking the opportunity to join the fun in future adventures.  (The next "Demonstration and Freeplay Event" is scheduled for next Sunday, April 26, 2015.)

Thanks, as always to "The Battle Standard" for giving all of us a place to meet up, play games, and have a good time doing so.
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