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Sunday saw snow coming down earlier than expected, but it also saw some newcomers to TBS:Manchester coming out to play in the "Shadows of Brimstone (Demonstration Game)" (or as it was unofficially known, the "Oops! We missed February" event).  (A big round of applause to Corey and his daughter, Gilly, for coming out to TBS.  I hope we will continue to see them in the days/weeks/months to come.)

For those unaware, "Shadows of Brimstone" is a Flying Frog Production game that some like to explain as, "mostly board game, with some wargaming elements, and just a hit of roleplaying."  There is too much tactical play to categorize it only as "board game" and yet, too many board game elements to call it "wargaming."  And then there are the "roleplay" elements, which is mostly the ability to alter your character over time during additional adventures.

As the event title indicates, this event was meant as a "demonstration event," so some liberties were taken with a few of the rules.  Regardless of how much I "cheated fate," I let all dice rolls stand, and the most important thing was that everyone had fun.  And now on to the summary....

The adventure begins with our posse hearing rumors of a large deposit of "Dark Stone" contained within a local mine.....
Whatever shall they do?!?  Ignore the rumor?  Report to authorities?  Head out to plunder the treasure for themselves?
(Those familiar with the game will recognize this as:  Basic Mission 1, right out of the adventure book.)

"Yip! Yip! YAH!!  Let's ride!!"  <insert whip cracking sound and roll the opening credits>

"For a Few Dark Stone More"
copyright 2015

Corey......  U.S. Marshal
Gilly.........  Indian Scout
Andrew...  Rancher
Erik.........  Bandido

<Fade in>
Our adventurers find themselves entering the old mine together.  Each of them piecing together the location based on the landmarks spoken of by the old prospector back in town.  Be they "do-good'er" intent on safeguarding the local from monsters, or just out to make a quick buck.... Their motives are their own.

With little discussion, the posse is on their way.  They follow the rails through the first open chamber and Indian Scout, Gilly, heads into the first real twist in the mineshaft.  <See 1 - Enter the Mine - Copy.JPG>  Already there is an air of "Darkness" to the adventure, yet our brave companions push on.

Pressing on to the next chamber, they come across another set of rail tracks.  While considering the option of which way to go, they are suddenly attacked by a pair of Night Terrors (Ambush Attack! - Remember that air of "Darkness" mentioned above?  Yes... it can get worse.)  <See 2 - Unexpected Trouble - Copy.JPG>

Gilly breaks out her "Indian Hatchet" and almost single-handedly takes down the first Night Terror.  Marshal Corey gets in a couple of blasts with his shotgun.  While Andrew and Erik manage to join in and they all make quick work of the creatures.

A few cuts and bruises... and bite marks... and claw marks... Is that enough to turn our posse back?

Heck, no!  They are off to the next chamber, where there are signs of cult activity - a "Summoning Circle" in the middle of the room.  Bandido Erik would prefer to leave the circle alone and move on, hoping that "Luck" will be on their side, but the rest of the posse refuses to let such evil stand.  Rancher Andrew recalls some tale of "Lore" his grandmother once told him, steps up, and breaks the circle.  Maybe those old stories weren't crazy afterall.

Eager to continue on, Gilly heads the next chamber to investigate.  Marshall Corey is a bit more cautious.  And Bandido Erik and Rancher Andrew are  basically tripping over their own feet trying to keep up with the rest of the party.

Behold!  Gilly has located the second and final clue to the Dark Stone deposit, but she has also stumbled across the "Epic Threat" safeguarding the mine.....

<Pause for commercial.... and a little explanation.  "Shadows of Brimstone" uses an interesting card dynamic when it comes to encounters and monsters.  The big boss, or "Epic Threat," is not drawn until encountered and then it may not always be the "biggest and baddest monster in the game."  <See 3 - Epic Fight Reveal - Copy.JPG>  In this case, as I tried to show in the picture, there were a D3 "Night Terrors" in addition to TWO regular level "Threat Cards."  Since we were playing 4 characters, our "Threat Level" is Medium, which reveals some "Void Spiders" and TWO "Low Level" Threat Cards.  So, when all the rolling was done, we finalize the "Epic Fight" as:  2 Night Terrors, 3 Stranglers, and 17 Void Spiders.).....   Now Back to Our Show!>

<See 4 - Epic Fight - Here's what that looks like - COPY.JPG>
First time adventurers, Gilly and Corey, both exclaim, "This is BAD!"
Experienced adventurers, Andrew and Erik, admit, "Well.  It could be worse.  But this is kind of bad."

Several rounds of fighting ensue.  Indian Scout Gilly gets knocked unconscious from the sheer number of wounds.  Miraculously "revived" by a strange twist of fate.  (Note: Demonstration game, I threw in a "Revive" token even if it wasn't called for.)  The fighting continues, "Stranglers" and "Void Spiders" surrounded Marshall Corey and Bandido Erik, who are fighting back-to-back.  As the "Void Spiders" fall, Bandido Erik uses some bandages on Marshal Corey in hopes of returning him to the fight.  As Marshal Corey tries to fight for consciousness, it is too late, his injuries are too severe, he has literally been "Ripped Apart" and is no more.

The rest of the party has no time to think about the "Growing Dread" of being this deep in the mine.  They are too busy dealing with "Depth Events" of "Falling Rubble" and "Creeping Darkness" as they struggle to finish the fight.  On the verge of death themselves, Indian Scout Gilly, Rancher Andrew, and Bandido Erik barely manage to survive the day.

The End
<Fade to black>

One of the great elements of "Shadows of Brimstone" is the "roleplay" aspect I spoke of in the beginning of this summary.  The "experience" system is something relatively new to the world of board games and "Shadows of Brimstone," is one of those games that is allowing players to build experience and develop skills with the characters they play, at the same time, introducing bigger threats to deal with as one develops.

Keeping that in mind, while actual "death" in the game is a rarity, it is still a possibility.  Injuries pile up.  Mutations occur.  (Oh yes, we didn't even get into THAT, but it happens.)  But the nice thing about this game is having the ability to take that character with you and continue developing in the next adventure, whether or not that adventure is with the same group of friends, or a different group altogether.

I hope we get the opportunity to do just that.  As you can see above, I love the "cinematic" nature of this game.  It's not just all about killing monsters, there are encounters and skills that need to be utilized at certain points.

I hope you have enjoyed this summary.  And furthermore, I hope you consider taking the opportunity to join the fun in future adventures.  (I hope to post another game for later this month, but this summary took a bit more time today than I expected. :) )

Thanks, as always to "The Battle Standard" for giving all of us a place to meet up, play games, and in general have a good time doing so.