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Dec 14th Warhammer Fantasy Tournament
« on: Nov 19, 2013 10:00PM »

Event Details:
This is a fun Warhammer Fantasy tournament coupled with some charity.  Each player must bring a 1600 point army, with 600 points of allies.  The allies MUST come from a different army.  The army composition must be legal as a 2200 point army.  For example, between the main army and the allies you can take up to 550 points of rare troops.  The allied contingent MUST contain 1 character and 1 core unit.

Each army will get a "comp" score.  This is an arbitrary assignment from the organizer.  A bad comp score will negatively affect your army in the scenarios.  This is supposed to be a fun event, so hard-as-nails list will be penalized.

Full details about any army restrictions and what not will be sent out via email to registered players.

We will play 3 games, using scenarios built around using the allies.
Armies will be judged for painting by tiers:
--Tier 0 - Unpainted
--Tier 1 - 3 color legal
--Tier 2 - Basecoats + minor details
--Tier 3 - Highlights, shading, conversions, freehand + a clean paint job

Tier 2 will get you MOST of the paint points.  Best painted will be selected by the organizer.

In addition, we will be collecting food for the South Windsor Community Center food pantry.  Each player can earn 1 re-roll token to be used in each game for every 2 cans of food they bring in to donate to the food pantry.  Up to 3 tokens can be earned.

email "jvanase (at) gmail (dot) com" to register.  Walk on players day of will be able to play, but registered players will be the first spots.  Unregistered players may not get a spot to play based on availability.

Event Page:

Facebook page:

1 - Cory Walizer*
2 - Keith Conroy*
3 - kyle Holman*
4 - greg person*
5 - pat hill*
6 - mike rossi*
7 - Peyton shipman*
8 - Scott craig*
9 - Bob giddings*
10 - Omar martinez*
11 - chris labelle*
12 - Rhys McDonald
13 - Chris Conroy
14 - Kevin Spear*
15 - Jake Martin
16 - Chris Murphy

Wait List:
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