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MERCS League possibilities at TBS
« on: Oct 14, 2013 02:32PM »

Recently on a drive home from a certain "Member Appreciation Event" I had some ideas for a league.

With the formal end to my "Dystopian Wars" League at The Battle Standard, I thought I might try to start up a Thursday Night MERCS league of some sort.

Why Thursday nights, you ask?  -  Simple.  That is the night I have available to play at The Battle Standard.

Why MERCS?   -  Why NOT?!?

The ideas I've had are still in the early stages.
Some of the ideas are based upon discussions I have had with others in the past.  (Who knows!  It could turn out that these ideas are already part of some formalized system to which I am completely unaware.)

I plan to hammer out a basic outline this week and will be looking for feedback and additional brainstorming this coming Thursday (10/17/2013) at TBS.  (I am usually there from around 5pm until closing.)

Some topics of discussion might include:
- Incentives to play  (i.e. - rewards to provide "bonuses" during campaign turns, combat rounds, etc. )
- Requirements for play  (some kind of monthly standing or average vs. having to play every week)
- Scenario ideas
- Ideas for "one time only"/weekly/monthly/even longer duration and/or incentives for participation.

Some of these topics may be impossible to coordinate, but since this is still in the early stages of development I do not want to discourage any discussion just yet.

If there is interest, I hope to test run some time in Nov./Dec. with something more formal to commence in 2014.

If you are unable to make it to TBS on Thursday, I will continue to post more information here as it becomes available and better defined.

Thanks in advance for you thoughts and suggestions!