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Warmachine Shoutout
« on: Jul 21, 2013 11:30PM »

Just wanted to leave a shoutout/game report from today.  I have extremely limited game experience, but someone was hanging around who wanted to play and I said sure what the heck.

Tommy lent me some Menoth (Thanks Tommy!), and I played against "Roger" (I'm terrible with names).  I just want to say, you were a pretty awesome opponent.  Extremely forgiving on my lack of rules knowledge, and actually HELPED me toward victory.  And not in a vague cheerleader way, but in a "Hey, you're actually allowed to move like this and it would be good". 

Our lists! We were playing 25, but since I was just using random stuff, I was actually a cheater and played 26:

Choir (Min)
Cinerators (Max)

His list: (Legion), I don't know the names of any of his models, but I remember what they did.
Chick who comes with Warbeast she can merge with
Pot and pot carrying guys
Hexhunters (?), guys with 6" super magical attack
Cavalry Solo who had an AOE of "Not allowed to shoot"
Warbeast who goes "Rabid", the same one who spawns from the pot
Angelus (?), Serpant-y thing, halves your armor on the first attack
Some solo who was good at shooting

We deploy.  Roger forgets to deploy his shooting solo, since it has Advanced Deployment.  He declares it dead.

Early Game:
He runs toward me.  I am impressed by how fast his things move toward me.  While I am afraid of his 6" super shooting, I feel like at the slightly larger range I am better because of the Vanquisher.  I hang back a bit and screen pKreoss with the Cinerators, who feel too slow to actually move in to combat.  I Vassal the Vanquisher for Ancillary Attack.

Mid Game:
He pops his feat, and goes absolutely to town shooting my guys with Spines, as well as his Hexhunters (?).  I lose all of my Cinerators but 1. I feat, and while my Avatar is close to charge range he has recently lost his Movement, and is blocked by several models.  He shuffles to the cav solo who is preventing my shooting, pKreoss shoots fire at a couple other guys, and my Vanquisher shoots his Warcaster.  Boosted damage and I one-shot her.  Kinda.  He spends his Fury to move the damage to someone else (I forgot he could do that...whoops)

Late Game:
I'm sitting on 2 Choir Boys, Kreoss, and my Vanquisher staring down a ton of pot guys/hexhunters/the angel thing.  I Thresher an inappropriate amount of guys, Kreoss kills the Angelicus (or whatever).  Unfortunately, I'm still staring down 2 of the Pot Spawned thing-ys and the Warlbeast.  Kreoss gets charged, headbutted, and goes down after taking 2 damage, 2 damage and 1 damage from three attacks.

I actually thought I was more dead in the middle than I felt at the end and I'm glad I played it out.  Again, I had a super excellent opponent and it was a lot of fun.  Good times were had by all (or at least me, I hope him too).  I felt like the deviations of my Vanquisher could have been a bit better as I never hit more than one guy, but it was very satisfying to shoot that gun 2 times a turn, and the Avatar felt extremely powerful, both by his death dealing and his Gaze.

Menoth 4 Life.