Author Topic: Infinity Deathmatch Tournament! 12/22/12  (Read 1082 times)


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Infinity Deathmatch Tournament! 12/22/12
« on: Dec 12, 2012 11:55AM »

Alright guys, so doing a strange tournament format for the 22nd. Posting the rules up here, if you have any questions contact me directly here, or see me in the store.

List Building:
75pts 1.5 SWC, 1-3 models.
1 regular order + model number
No LT required.

- Each player has a Deployment Marker that they can deploy their models within 1.5 inches of.
- Players must try their best to be at least 8" away from other players.
- Infiltrators/Superior Infiltrators may deploy up to 3" away from your marker
- Hidden Deployment is legal but must be within your deployment area
- Impersonators may pick 1 faction to disguise as. This fact will treat them as their full impersonation level while all other factions will treat them as one level worse.
- AD:3 works normally. However AD:1 and 2 must enter on your closest board edge. AD:X may pick their board edge, however they do not effect other model's deployment
- Mechanized Deployment happens from within 3" of your deployment marker.

PLEASE NOTE: If by the start of turn 3 your models have not arrived from Hidden Deployment, Mech Deploy, or AD then they are immediately forced to arrive/be placed as a marker, even if it's not your turn. Models with LoF when this occurs may ARO.

First Turn Limitations:
All weapons are disabled first turn. This gives you one turn to fortify your positions. Suppression fire may be laid down, but the initial shots when laying it down won't occur. Furthermore models may not make charge moves.

Other Rules Changes:
- Servant bots are allowed without taking up a slot, but are 1 per list. Before you ask, of course they don't grant an order.
- Netrods/Imetrons will "auto hit" (and must be placed) within 1.5" of their deployment beacon, but you are only allowed AVA 1
- Mercs are 100% legal, but follow the AVA as per the book
- The Retreat! rule is not in effect for this match. There is no escaping the hunger games.
- All player turns will have a time limit based on how many players there is.
- Suppression fire and Swarm grenades lasts until the beginning of your next turn, but smoke will only last until the end of your turn.

Catch to Force combat: "At the end of a turn where no players make a "significant" advance toward each other or where there is 30 mins left till event end, the "Season Finale" will take effect. At the end of each turn 6" of every board edge will catch into a blaze. Any model within these zones immediately takes a Damage 15 EXP+FIRE hit. The fire will envelope another +6" every turn from each board edge until the game ends."
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