Author Topic: Summer Slam SR2012 Tourney!  (Read 1057 times)


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Summer Slam SR2012 Tourney!
« on: Aug 12, 2012 02:56PM »

Summer Slam SR2012 Tourney!
Cost: $15 ($10 pre-reg by August 19th)
Date of Event: 08/26/2012
Reg at noon, dice roll at 1pm!
NOTE: If you have War Room, please set up a game with your 2 lists with "Swonkob" prior to the event! Written lists are still required, as well as actual model/unit cards. Go to the page of this PDF for a blank registration form so you can prefill before arrival. (This will help get things started on time, given we usually have 20+ players to register)
Event Description:
35 pt Steamroller 2012
- Registration is from noon to 1pm....dice roll at 1!
- 2 lists (must have 2 and each list must contain a different 'caster/'lock; epic version of 'caster/'lock can be used in second list. You must use each list at least once. Characters are limited to one list, i.e., Lord of the Feast or Black 13th can't be in both lists.)
- it will be a chess clock format.
- if you have one list that is fully painted, you will be in the random painting prize drawing! (3 colors, no primer with flocked bases)
- prizing will be top 3 and fully painted raffle (we will prize deeper depending on number of players)


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Re: Summer Slam SR2012 Tourney!
« Reply #1 on: Aug 14, 2012 02:32PM »

Should we include reinforcements in our list builds?