Author Topic: 25 pt Stampede Tourney on Sunday, July 15th  (Read 966 times)


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25 pt Stampede Tourney on Sunday, July 15th
« on: Jun 25, 2012 02:03PM »

25 pt Stampede Tourney on Sunday, July 15th at The Battle Standard in Manchester, CT!
- Dice roll at NOON! This format does allow for show and go play! You can start play AT ANY TIME but if you want to do well it will benefit you to get there as early as possible.
- Cost is $15, but pre-reg by July 8th and pay $10! (Save $5)!
- 1 list
- 1 Scenario (defender/attacker; see link for rules at the bottom of the page)
Champion – The Champion is
awarded to the player with the greatest number of successful
defenses – total wins while holding a table (playing as the
defender). In the case of a tie, the tying player with a longer
run holding a single table is the champion. If there is still a tie,
the player with more VPs is the champion.
Blockade Runner – The Blockade Runner award goes to the
player who defeated the player with the longest run as the
defender. If there is a tie for longest run as a defender, the
player with more VPs wins.
Beast/Jack Hunter – The Beast/Jack Hunter award goes to the player who
destroyed or removed from play the most VPs worth of warbeasts
(note that wild warbeasts or inert warjacks are not destroyed).
Top Wrangler – Though the Stampede event does not
require fully painted army lists, painting is still encouraged
and rewarded. Each player may submit one warbeast/warjack or
warlock/warcaster model to be judged by the Tournament
Organizer and other impartial judges. The winner receives
the Top Wrangler award.
Random Painted - if your list is fully painted, you will be in the random painting prize drawing! (3 colors, no primer with flocked bases); If Top Wrangler is picked then another ticket will be picked. Top Wrangler will not receive two painting prizes.

Hope to see you on the 15th at The Battle Standard!