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Games Workshop: WARHAMMER 40,000 / Re: league games
« Last post by Jarrett on May 20, 2017 12:58PM »
if anyone needs to make up a league game, show up to the battle standard on thursday the 16th

We need some more leagues.
BOARD GAMES / Re: Icon of Ravenloft - d&d board adventure
« Last post by Senjurekaz on May 16, 2017 03:35AM »
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OTHER MINIATURE GAMES / Re: Dark Age and Bushido
« Last post by Senjurekaz on May 16, 2017 03:34AM »
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Games Workshop: WARHAMMER / Re: Unplugged GT
« Last post by Benjaminr on Apr 27, 2017 07:51AM »
I would like to know more about your content.
MERCS Minis: MERCS / Re: Snaptocover Starter give away!
« Last post by Hansahoney on Mar 16, 2017 08:22AM »

It is something I long suspected. And today I had the chance to read what I suspected. It gives me a lot of doubts.

We believe that the issue of benefit sharing is very reasonable.
The Battle Standard: PROJECT LOGS / Re: Dave's WoK Goritsi
« Last post by Dave on Apr 08, 2016 04:17PM »
I finished up Korrad and my Hestra conversion last night. I thought the lighting in the store would be good enough for some decent shots, but it wasn't. Anyway, here's what I could manage. Duke Anton is coming along now too, I painted his horns last night.

I'm thinking of adding some blood splatter to Hesta's chin, chest and hands. Thoughts? It would like the stuff I did for Lord Hob.

ROLE PLAYING / Dark Ages: Vampire/V:TM
« Last post by JasonCarrier on Feb 26, 2016 03:20PM »
Looking at potential interest in getting a game going. Setting would be using the Old World of Darkness books (either the originals or the 20th Anniversary stuff).

I have a group whom plays Star Wars and D&D/Pathfinder. And only one seems to be interested right now. I'd like to keep the group small and am ok with non experienced players (as the one who is interested has not played before).

Setting tbd.
The Battle Standard: PROJECT LOGS / Re: Dave's WoK Goritsi
« Last post by Dave on Feb 26, 2016 11:27AM »

I finally finished up my Wrath of Kings Skorza Skirmishers. The specialists aren't too far behind, and after them Lord Anton and Korrad. I'm not 100% with how they came out but they're done. Once the rest of the wolves are finished up it's on to painting the Vampires. Hestra is nearly done as well, although I didn't snap any updated pics of her. Maybe I'll get a chance to finish her over the weekend.

The Battle Standard: PROJECT LOGS / Re: Dave's WoK Goritsi
« Last post by Dave on Feb 26, 2016 11:26AM »
Still working on the wolves, I did their claws this week and started painting all the metal parts gloss black. That's nearly done, not sure if I'll make it for CaptainCon though. Because not a lot on them has changed I've got something else for you guys, my vampires.

I wasn't a fan of the horned heads (I found something I didn't like on all the vampire sculpts) so I asked Bob Naismith (my go-to sculptor for Warmonger Miniatures) to sculpt up some masquerade masks for me. This was the result. I took care of the hair, backs of the heads and the weapon swaps (Wargames Factory spanish cavalry swords).

Finally, this Hestra Nostrollo conversion is all me. I put Hestra's head and hands on a Dark Sword Lannister Lady in Waiting figure. The back from the top of her head to her waist was some of my most extensive putty work to date. I was pretty happy how she came out, so much so that I threw down a base coat and some shading last night. I want to try and paint her dress a pearlescent white, anyone have any tips there? I got some Liquitex Iridescent Medium (which is suppoed to really be pearlescent) to try out.

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